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For over thirty-five years our design team have stretched what is technologically possible. This has resulted in numerous firsts, millions of shipped products and the growth of our company into a global player.

Today, we continue to innovate for a new generation, with energy saving at the core of our business.

We believe that technology can make a greener, safer, better world, read these pages to find out how.
Dr Alan Wyn-Davies
Chairman, DFx Technology
DFx Technology Ltd. Leading British Energy Saving
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DFx Controls are used throughout the world to manage temperature control systems and maximise energy efficiency.
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Planetsaver LED is the world's leading high-quality producer of British LED luminaires. All planetsaver lamps are manufactured at our UK facility.
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RemSense® comprises a suite of remote sensing technologies that can control, monitor and diagnose problems with systems anywhere in the world.
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DFx Technology offers a bespoke design service for projects with a total manufacturing value in excess of £1M.

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Oxfordshire Business Innovation Award West Oxfordshire Business Innovation Award
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